Lolet 's Eco Park 




     Seafood Capital of the Philippines

  Capiz, which has the shape of an open palm. Explore the rolling hills, mountain peaks and ranges. Enjoy daytime excursions at the province's wide beaches and isolated coves. Have a fill of variety of seafoods available all year round. Visit local gardens, historical sites, old Spanish churches, Southeast Asia's largest bell at Pan-ay Church and the birthpalce of Munel Roxas (first Philppine President).

Experience local festival like Sinadya Sa Halaran (dec. 4-8) Go selunking. These caves are waiting for you: Pilar, Suhot, Igang and Suhoton.

Accommodations in cottagers, hotel and resorts are available in Roxas City. 


                          Diwal Festival                           Sinadya sa Halaran

   Diwal Festival celebrated every

 month of July to promote this exotic



Crystal Sand Beach Resort

Crystal Sand Beach Resort is the best place to relax and enjoy when you come into boracay. Crstal sand a bech front resort built in mediteranean style. All rooms with aircoditoning unit, cable TV, telephone, Refrigerator and hot  and Cool shower. 

Club Ten Beach Resort

The Club Ten Beach Resort is distinctively different with its architecturally designed units derived from Filipino and Latin American concepts. Its operation started since October 1997 and has proven its potiential from then on.


 Pan-ay bell

Biggest Catholic Bell in Asia, housed in the belfry of Sta. Monica Church, is made out of 70 sacks of coins. It is about 7 ft. in diameter, 5 feet high and weighs 10.4 tons. Its booming sound can be heard 8 kms away.

Agtalin Shrine

Agtalin Shrine is located in th etop of the hill. At the place of Paradise of Brgy. Dulangan in Municipality of Pilar, Capiz.


Boracay Beach Resort

Boracay is the place where you can relax and adventure as will. Boracay have many activities you do, in aquatic and also in  the land activities.


Lolet's Eco park Dao Capiz                  Lawaan Garden Hotel                    Urban Manor Hotel Roxas City Capiz                       Sky Garden Hotel Roxa City Capiz

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